Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bath time

These pics are after bath time the kids were just chillin' on the couch.

Nice hair Kaimen!

The kids both love bath time as long as warm water is being poured over them. This was a few days after Kaimen came home. Rich did dressing and diaper changing duty, and I did the baths. We're getting our little system down. I love these towels that my friend Heidi made, we use them all the time. We've started to bathe them in the sink for now, it seems to be easier than bending over the bath tub and trying to wash them. They probably will only fit in there for a few more weeks though. We took the kids in last week to the doctor and Kaimen now weighs over 10 pounds and Danica almost 10.

We decided to take the twins on a walk to grandma Brown's house and Auntie Katie's house. We got the kids loaded up, oxygen and all which is quite the ordeal, but we're getting used to the routine. We had a great time while we were out, and I was so excited to get out of the house in the nice weather. We got this awesome double stroller from Nana Faiva that is the best thing ever and will make my life a lot easier. It even has a huge basket underneath for the oxygen tanks and monitors. We made the mistake of walking home right around feeding time. They were both screaming at the top of their lungs the whole way home. We tried to get them out and hold them and push the stroller at the same was kind of a disaster, but I was grateful for a family outing. For anyone who saw us we must have looked like major losers.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Faiva triplets???

Best buddies already!

Uncle Randall and Aunt Chelsea were nice enough to buy Kaimen and Danica outfits that matched their cousin Tytan. They love hangin out together. Are these some cute kiddos or what?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Kaimen is finally home!!!

Lori, Laura, and Lisa some of the awesome NICU staff there to see Kaimen off.

Notice how happy Danica is to have her brother home with her!
Ahhhh....finally together!!
Last Friday we brought our little boy home. It came up a lot faster than we thought it would. On Monday of last week they said it would be 2 more weeks atleast. Then on Wednesday they said we could take him home that Friday. I was so excited when I got the message, I started jumping up and down, and called our family right away. The twins are 3 months old today and my due date was on Thursday. We have been at the hospital every single day since May 30th. Kaimen was there for a total of 89 days. I'm sure he was just as glad to get out of there as we were to have him out. He was a pretty popular guy in the NICU, all the nurses were in love with him. We are so grateful to all the nurses and doctors for taking such good care of our babes. Thank you all, we love you guys! As much as we will miss the wonderful people we have met through all of this, there is no greater feeling than having our babies home and being together as a family. We are having a great time with the twins. We of course are not sleeping at all. The first 2 nights we got about 2-3 hours. Last night was better, so we hope they are just getting used to everything. I was telling Rich last night I feel like our work has trippled not doubled since he has come home. Life consists of lots of diaper changing, bottle feeding, bottle washing, bathing, doing laundry, and a few hours of sleep every now and then.