Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dani stares more than smiles right now.

The last month or so has been pretty interesting at our house. They've been especially fun because the twins are getting older and starting to smile and talk to us. But they also have been especially frustrating because of the constant trips to the doctors' offices and seeing all the stuff Kaimen has been going through. About a month ago, we spent a few days in the hospital with him. We found out he has kidney stones and some pretty bad ones. As a mom this seemed pretty serious to me, but the doctors really haven't seemed to think so. I've been trying to get him into the kidney specialist ever since we left the hospital, but I feel like I have been going in circles. Last week we were able to get into a pediatric urologist who told us they will just watch him, which means extra appointments. I obviously wouldn't change any of this for the world, but it will be a happy day when all of the appointments and extra stuff is over. I feel really blessed that neither one of them have had any major issues and are developing well. Kaimen's been such a great sport with everything. Even though he has his little naughty times, he is still a happy little boy and I can't get enough of his squishy little face.

Danica is our little angel. The only time I ever hear a peep from her is when she is hungry or tired. But when we feed her or put her to sleep everything is better. She is so patient, since Kaimen has pretty much been needing all the attention the last little while. I've been by myself more often now with the twins, which can be a lot of work. Last week I had just finished feeding Kaimen, put him down and started feeding Dani. 5 minutes later Kaimen was screaming at the top of his lungs. I had no choice but to put Dani down. She just sat there and waited patiently until brother was done with his fit and I could pick her up.

It's amazing to me how total opposites my babies are, but I love them both the same for the special spirit they bring to our family.

Kaimen watching daddy talk to him.

This smile melts my heart.

Deep in thought.