Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kaimen and his stretchy pants

Okay so you're probably wondering why I would do this to my little boy. There really is a good reason for it. These are Kaimen's new therapy pants. He is still having some developmental issues and needed a little extra help controlling his legs. He tends to spread his legs too far apart and it makes it hard for him to learn to crawl and get up on his knees. They are sewn together in the middle so it keeps his legs together. They look silly, but his Physical therapist recommended he wears them when he is playing on the floor with his toys. They seem like they help, but I can't help but laugh when he is wearing them. Love you my strong boy, keep working hard!

Our much needed vacation

Let me just say I love Cali. Me and Rich spent 3 days there by ourselves and had a nice relaxing time. My in-laws watched the twins while we went to San Diego. I cried when we left at the thought of leaving them. Besides the NICU, this is the first time I've left them. Our friends have a condo in San Diego right across from the San Diego temple that they were nice enought to let us stay in. Thanks guys! It was in the perfect location about 3 miles from the beach and right around lots of restaurants and shopping centers. We relaxed a lot, went to the beach, shopped, and ate more than we should have. I actually slept in past 7, which was a beautiful feeling. It was so great to spend time with just my hubby. This was the first trip we've been on since before I went into the hospital when I was pregnant with the twins. I hope to go back again soon.

Happy 25th Babe!

The birthday boy with his sweet batman cake.
Once again the Cake Titan's came through with an awesome cake.

This cake was gone in about 10 minutes. Yum!

My boys...this kid sure does love his dad.
Rich just celebrated the big 2-5. We spent the day together, did some shopping and got his free birthday meal at Joe's farmgrill. I'm really lucky to have such a great husband. He does so much for me and the kids. Love you babe Happy Birthday.

Twins 1st B-day Bash

They loved their cakes, and all of us got a good laugh.

Danica getting ready to bust open the pinata.

Prince Kaimen's cake.

Danica's princess cake made by auntie Chelsea and uncle Doe Doe a.k.a
The Cake Titan's. Thank you guys we loved the cakes.

Danica and Kaimen are one! July 13th we celebrated by having a big party for them with our family and friends at my mom's house. Kaimen was our prince and Dani our princess. My father-in-law grilled some awesome food, we had pinatas, delicious cake, dancing and music. Thanks to everyone who helped with the food, helped plan, and came just to hang out and have a good time.
I can't believe my babies are one. They are getting so big so fast and are starting to do little "grown-up" things. They've been through so much the first year of their life and I'm so proud of the strong cute little people that they are. I love them so much and feel so blessed to have them with us here. I love you babies, Happy Birthday!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Lots of posts to come...

So much has happened and of course I have been a terrible blogger. Me and Rich just got back from Cali today. After the kids go to bed tonight I'll be updating a whole bunch of stuff.