Sunday, February 15, 2009

I set Kiamen down on the couch to get something, he propped his arms up on the couch likes he's the king of the house. Look at that intimidating face. All he's missing is the remote.

Dani loves chillin on the boppy pillow and looking at her hands.

Yesterday was a crazy morning for some reason. But between baths, getting valentines stuff together, and getting ready for daddy's football game we did manage to find a few minutes of quiet play time. It didn't last long but that's okay.

Our Little Valentines

Firsts of everything are so fun when you have a new baby. When you have 2 it's really fun. And when you have a cousin the same age it's even more fun. Little matching outfits are so addicting. Yesterday was their 1st Valentine's Day. The twins made daddy a special valentine with their handprints and decorated the bathroom for him. They stayed with auntie Lolo and Hailey while we went to dinner and they had a great time.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Go Sting!

Since high school Rich has always talked about playing football again. His family has been telling me ever since I met him how good he was back in the day, so it has sparked some curiosity. After all these years he's finally back on the field. He plays for a semi-pro team "The Sting". Not to brag but my man has still got it. He plays defensive tackle and right guard. I'm really glad he decided to play this year. His games are every Saturday and it gives us both something fun to do. Chelsea and I go to all the games decked out in our sting jerseys and cheer for our men. Last weekend was an awesome game in Sedona. They beat the Northern Arizona Coyotes 20-0.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Family Pictures

Rich's cousin Justin came home from his mission last 2 weeks ago from the Marshalese Islands. He spoke in church on Sunday and then after we went to the temple to take pictures. There was a huge group of us. Relatives came from Utah and California to welcome Justin home.