Sunday, September 21, 2008

Danica and Cousin Tytan

Comfy and cozy in daddy's arms.

Tytan can be a little bit of a bully.

We changed Danica's oxygen tubing today, her face is even prettier without it.

Danica and Kaimen's cousin Tytan was born a week ago today.He is adorable and they actually look like siblings. We love baby Tytan. We try not to take Danica anywhere because she is so vulnerable to getting sick and still sensitive to noise and being around a lot of people. We thought she would enjoy a visit with her new cuz though. They both layed on a big fluffy giraffe that nana and papa got for them. We had a great time taking pics of them. There were about 5 cameras going off. What is it about babies that makes us go crazy???? Speaking of going crazy I am crazy in love with cute bows and flowers for little girls. Danica wore her very first bow yesterday and everyone loved her scrumptious little head.

Kaimen's update

Kaimen is finally out of the critical part of the NICU and has moved to intermediate care. About 3 days ago they took him off the CPAP and put him on the high flow nasal prongs. He has been doing really good with the changes. They also started letting him drink a small amount from the bottle. Me and Rich went today and Rich fed him. He was alound to have 15 cc which is like 1/6 of an ounce. He made us laugh because of how big of a pig he is. He was finished eating it before we even knew he started. His eyes were wide open for about 2 hours today. I talked to him about all the fun things we are going to do when he comes home, he seemed pretty excited about all of it. When you meet Kaimen you'll know what I mean about his eyes, when you talk to him he looks like he is listening so intently and is very interested in what you're saying. He is such a fat boy now. I gave him the nickname today of chubba bubba, mostly to do with his huge double chin. They had to start giving his a special powder for under his neck, because he sweats in between his rolls and gets a rash. I think he's pretty hilarious. He weighs 6 pounds 14 ounces now. I brought all of his newborn clothes down to the hospital so he can wear them, by the time he gets home they won't fit. They haven't given us a time when he will come home, but they guess around 3 weeks or so.

Kaimen and Danica's reunion

I finally got to hold both of my babies together for the first time, another thing I have been waiting to do for a very long time now. Since the twins were born they have always been in seperate beds and attached to so many things I could never hold them at the same time. But now that Dani is home we were able to do this. On Thursday she had a doctors appointment and after we decided to stop by and see brother. We were pretty sure they've missed each other in the last few months so we brought her back to the NICU. They were both knocked out and didn't know what was going on, but for me and Rich is was a fun day. I did notice when I was holding both of them that my son has a very large head, he looked huge next to his sister. I have a feeling the 2 of them are going to be best buddies!

Danica's Homecoming

Sorry for the lack of posts in the past couple of weeks, life has been busy and wonderful. Yes it's true Danica is finally home with us. She came home last Tuesday. She suprised us all. She was gaining weight and eating all of her food through the bottle and breathing well so the doctors decided it was time. She did come home on oxygen which was a little hard to get used to the first day or two. Like all new babies she keeps us up at night, but she is a sweet adorable baby even at the early hours of the morning. She loves to be held and all the attention she is getting, since her brother isn't home yet. She loves tummy time and her baths and eating and basically loves life at home with mommy and daddy. I can't even tell you all how long I have been waiting for this day. I really couldn't even imagine in my head how wonderful it would be. It has exceeded my expectations. It's a lot of work yes, but so worth it. She is night owl like me and her daddy, last night she stayed up until 4:30 in the morning, I hope this does not become a norm for her, but I'll love her anyways. She is such a blessing to have and brings such a sweet spirit to the Faiva family as her brother will when he comes home. I wanted to thank my husband for all his help and being such a wonderful daddy to Danica and Kaimen, it makes me realize even more that I married the right guy!