Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our much needed vacation

Let me just say I love Cali. Me and Rich spent 3 days there by ourselves and had a nice relaxing time. My in-laws watched the twins while we went to San Diego. I cried when we left at the thought of leaving them. Besides the NICU, this is the first time I've left them. Our friends have a condo in San Diego right across from the San Diego temple that they were nice enought to let us stay in. Thanks guys! It was in the perfect location about 3 miles from the beach and right around lots of restaurants and shopping centers. We relaxed a lot, went to the beach, shopped, and ate more than we should have. I actually slept in past 7, which was a beautiful feeling. It was so great to spend time with just my hubby. This was the first trip we've been on since before I went into the hospital when I was pregnant with the twins. I hope to go back again soon.


DaNelle & Kevin said...

Sounds like fun! Good for you guys for doing it. I'm always a wimp when leaving my kids!

The Talley Family said...

Glad you guys got to go. You deserved it.