Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

This was by far my favorite Halloween. We spent lots of time with family and had a great time with our kids. Nana and Papa's ward Halloween party was Friday night followed by pumpkin carving at my sister Lindsey's house with all my family. Saturday night we all got dressed up as the Flinstone's and spent some time with Bailey, Olivia, Marcus and Amy and my parents trick-or-treating. All the kids looked adorable! Later that night Rich's family had a big party with dancing a lots of food. It was a busy weekend, but worth it! Hope everyone had a great Halloween.


Maren said...

oh, you guys look awesome! i am glad you figured your costume out. glad it was a fun weekend!


love the costumes

tricia said...

Okay Kristin, it's time to post some new pictures of my grandbabies on your blog!! I know I see them alot, but...I want more pictures!!